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Family Codes

Starting with API v973.02 and TWS v964, it is possible to determine from the API whether an account exists under an account family, and find the family code using the function reqFamilyCodes.

  • client.reqFamilyCodes();
  • client.reqFamilyCodes();
  • client.reqFamilyCodes()
  • m_pClient->reqFamilyCodes();
  • 1  self.reqFamilyCodes()

If a managed account is part of an account family (for instance an individual account under a Financial Advisor or IBroker), that family will be returned to the function IBApi::EWrapper:familyCodes. Otherwise it will return an empty string.

  • public void familyCodes(FamilyCode[] familyCodes)
    Console.WriteLine("Family Codes:");
    foreach (var familyCode in familyCodes)
    Console.WriteLine("Account ID: {0}, Family Code Str: {1}", familyCode.AccountID, familyCode.FamilyCodeStr);
  • @Override
    public void familyCodes(FamilyCode[] familyCodes) {
    for (FamilyCode fc : familyCodes) {
    System.out.print("Family Code. AccountID: " + fc.accountID() + ", FamilyCode: " + fc.familyCodeStr());
  • Public Sub familyCodes(familyCodes As FamilyCode()) Implements EWrapper.familyCodes
    Console.WriteLine("Family Codes:")
    For Each familyCode In familyCodes
    Console.WriteLine("Account ID: " & familyCode.AccountID & " Family Code Str: " & familyCode.FamilyCodeStr)
    End Sub
  • void TestCppClient::familyCodes(const std::vector<FamilyCode> &familyCodes) {
    printf("Family codes (%lu):\n", familyCodes.size());
    for (unsigned int i = 0; i < familyCodes.size(); i++) {
    printf("Family code [%d] - accountID: %s familyCodeStr: %s\n", i, familyCodes[i].accountID.c_str(), familyCodes[i].familyCodeStr.c_str());
  • 1  def familyCodes(self, familyCodes: ListOfFamilyCode):
    2  super().familyCodes(familyCodes)
    3  print("Family Codes:")
    4  for familyCode in familyCodes:
    5  print("Account ID: %s, Family Code Str: %s" % (
    6  familyCode.accountID, familyCode.familyCodeStr))

For instance, if individual account U112233 is under a financial advisor with account number F445566, if the function reqFamilyCodes is invoked for the user of account U112233, the family code "F445566A" will be returned, indicating that it belongs within that account family.