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IBKR Client Portal Web API Beta

Option Lookup

An option can be looked up to find the ConId and other information with these steps:

  1. Use the endpoint /portal/iserver/secdef/ search with a STK contract to obtain a list of contract months for options on that stock.


    POST https://localhost:5000/v1/portal/iserver/secdef/search

        "symbol": "FB",
        "name": false,
        "secType": "STK"

    The response will have a list of contract months for options on that underlying stock, e.g:


  2. Use the endpoint /portal/iserver/secdef/strikes with arguments {conid, sectype, month, exchange} to receive strike prices of options on the underlying stock for the indicated contract month:

    Example: (to query strike prices of March'19 FB options)

    GET https://localhost:5000/portal/iserver/secdef/strikes?conid=107113386&sectype=OPT&month=MAR19&exchange=SMART

    The response will look like:


  3. Next query the conId of an option with a strike price from step (2) with the endpoint /portal/iserver/secdef/info with arguments {conid, secType, month, exchange, strike, right}.


    GET https://localhost:5000/portal/iserver/secdef/info?conid=107113386&sectype=OPT&month=MAR19&exchange=SMART&strike=152.5&right=C

    The response will have the conid of each option at that strike with the given contract month:

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