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Contract Class Reference

class describing an instrument's definition More...

Public Member Functions

override string ToString ()


int ConId [get, set]
 The unique IB contract identifier.
string Symbol [get, set]
 The underlying's asset symbol.
string SecType [get, set]
 The security's type: STK - stock (or ETF) OPT - option FUT - future IND - index FOP - futures option CASH - forex pair BAG - combo WAR - warrant BOND- bond CMDTY- commodity NEWS- news FUND- mutual fund.
string LastTradeDateOrContractMonth [get, set]
 The contract's last trading day or contract month (for Options and Futures). Strings with format YYYYMM will be interpreted as the Contract Month whereas YYYYMMDD will be interpreted as Last Trading Day.
string LastTradeDate [get, set]
 The contract's last trading day.
double Strike [get, set]
 The option's strike price.
string Right [get, set]
 Either Put or Call (i.e. Options). Valid values are P, PUT, C, CALL.
string Multiplier [get, set]
 The instrument's multiplier (i.e. options, futures).
string Exchange [get, set]
 The destination exchange.
string Currency [get, set]
 The underlying's currency.
string LocalSymbol [get, set]
 The contract's symbol within its primary exchange For options, this will be the OCC symbol.
string PrimaryExch [get, set]
 The contract's primary exchange. For smart routed contracts, used to define contract in case of ambiguity. Should be defined as native exchange of contract For exchanges which contain a period in name, will only be part of exchange name prior to period, i.e. ENEXT for ENEXT.BE.
string TradingClass [get, set]
 The trading class name for this contract. Available in TWS contract description window as well. For example, GBL Dec '13 future's trading class is "FGBL".
bool IncludeExpired [get, set]
 If set to true, contract details requests and historical data queries can be performed pertaining to expired futures contracts. Expired options or other instrument types are not available.
string SecIdType [get, set]
 Security's identifier when querying contract's details or placing orders ISIN - Example: Apple: US0378331005 CUSIP - Example: Apple: 037833100.
string SecId [get, set]
 Identifier of the security type. More...
string Description [get, set]
 Description of the contract.
string IssuerId [get, set]
 IssuerId of the contract.
string ComboLegsDescription [get, set]
 Description of the combo legs.
List< ComboLegComboLegs [get, set]
 The legs of a combined contract definition. More...
DeltaNeutralContract DeltaNeutralContract [get, set]
 Delta and underlying price for Delta-Neutral combo orders. Underlying (STK or FUT), delta and underlying price goes into this attribute. More...

Detailed Description

class describing an instrument's definition

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Property Documentation

List<ComboLeg> ComboLegs

The legs of a combined contract definition.

See Also

Delta and underlying price for Delta-Neutral combo orders. Underlying (STK or FUT), delta and underlying price goes into this attribute.

See Also
string SecId

Identifier of the security type.

See Also