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OrderState Class Reference

Provides an active order's current state. More...

Public Member Functions

 OrderState (string status, string initMarginBefore, string maintMarginBefore, string equityWithLoanBefore, string initMarginChange, string maintMarginChange, string equityWithLoanChange, string initMarginAfter, string maintMarginAfter, string equityWithLoanAfter, double commission, double minCommission, double maxCommission, string commissionCurrency, string warningText, string completedTime, string completedStatus)
override bool Equals (object other)
override int GetHashCode ()


string Status [get, set]
 The order's current status.
string InitMarginBefore [get, set]
 The account's current initial margin.
string MaintMarginBefore [get, set]
 The account's current maintenance margin.
string EquityWithLoanBefore [get, set]
 The account's current equity with loan.
string InitMarginChange [get, set]
 The change of the account's initial margin.
string MaintMarginChange [get, set]
 The change of the account's maintenance margin.
string EquityWithLoanChange [get, set]
 The change of the account's equity with loan.
string InitMarginAfter [get, set]
 The order's impact on the account's initial margin.
string MaintMarginAfter [get, set]
 The order's impact on the account's maintenance margin.
string EquityWithLoanAfter [get, set]
 Shows the impact the order would have on the account's equity with loan.
double Commission [get, set]
 The order's generated commission.
double MinCommission [get, set]
 The execution's minimum commission.
double MaxCommission [get, set]
 The executions maximum commission.
string CommissionCurrency [get, set]
 The generated commission currency. More...
string WarningText [get, set]
 If the order is warranted, a descriptive message will be provided.
string CompletedTime [get, set]
string CompletedStatus [get, set]

Detailed Description

Provides an active order's current state.

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Property Documentation

string CommissionCurrency

The generated commission currency.

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