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Bar Class Reference

The historical data bar's description. More...

Public Member Functions

 Bar (string time, double open, double high, double low, double close, decimal volume, int count, decimal wap)


string Time [get, set]
 The bar's date and time (either as a yyyymmss hh:mm:ss formatted string or as system time according to the request). Time zone is the TWS time zone chosen on login.
double Open [get, set]
 The bar's open price.
double High [get, set]
 The bar's high price.
double Low [get, set]
 The bar's low price.
double Close [get, set]
 The bar's close price.
decimal Volume [get, set]
 The bar's traded volume if available (only available for TRADES)
decimal WAP [get, set]
 The bar's Weighted Average Price (only available for TRADES)
int Count [get, set]
 The number of trades during the bar's timespan (only available for TRADES)

Detailed Description

The historical data bar's description.

See Also
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